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The 8 Most Interesting Color Schemes: FW 2015

Eight ways to use colors this fall. There’s plenty to play with, and none of these are «one season wonders». Rather than looking for the it color of the season (which you should never buy if you want to build a wardrobe with longevity), I’ve dug up eight ways to use colors this, and many more fall seasons to come. Because seriously, right now, everything labelled trendy, hot and must have, feels a little bit (or a lot!) untrendy.

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The Colors of FW14 – 10 Ways to Kick Out Black, Grey and Beige

FW14 was pretty much like it always is, with colors being toned down and muted. Black and grey were dominant, which, from a color theory perspective makes absolutely no sense at all. Black, grey and beige are the last colors you need in fall and winter, especially here in Scandinavia.

There are two reasons for why you should ban black, grey and beige from your winter wardrobe:

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